600,000+ Subscribers and climbing

Youtube Creator

Kimmy started her youtube channel in December of 2006, when she was 12 years old. Over the years she's truly grown up on Youtube documenting her life from: makeup, hair, music, tattoos, weed and so much more. Over the past 16 years Kimmy's following has grown substantially to over 620,000 subscribers on youtube with over 23 Million views as of September 2022. Kimmy's passion behind Youtube has never been about fame. She truly enjoys connecting with people and showing them it's okay to be different. Growing up in Singapore and Beijing she felt like an outlier, through youtube and the internet she gained the confidence and acceptance to be the Kimmy Tan we know today.

Youtuber – Tattoo Artist – Influencer

Meet the Queen of Cannabis

While you may recognize Kimmy Tan as a talented tattoo artist based in the City of Angels, she’s best known for building a platform on YouTube. Tan began creating videos for YouTube during the height of MySpace, sharing makeup and hair tutorials with her fans. However, over the years Tan’s channel developed a new focus and she became known, not for her colorful locks, but for her cannabis-related content. Despite working on one of the most conservative platforms within today’s social media landscape, Tan creates content that not only shows the fun of cannabis but highlights the medical benefits of the plant.

"What's smokin' Dragons... it's your girl Kimmy Tan!"

Creative Genius

Kimmy's influence transcends the digital and art spaces into real world impact. Kimmy created her on cosmetics brand in 2018, her debut product gold flaked lipstick was an instant hit. She also has acquired multiple high end cannabis brands as sponsors for her youtube channel. As she continues to grow her digital brand, she now is also focused on building a network of cannabis influencers with Dragon Network.

Voted Top 10 Portrait Artist

Elite Tattoo Artist

Considered one of the Top Portrait tattoo artist in the world by many, the Queen of Cannabis has many talents. After attending Berklee College of Music and Arts School, Kimmy completed her tattoo apprenticeship in Beijing and New York City. While she is known for her skill in black and grey realism, Kimmy has created unique and vibrant tattoos in all styles. She is regularly on call for many celebrity clients and is in very high demand.