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Meet the Queen of Cannabis

While you may recognize Kimmy Tan as a talented tattoo artist based in the City of Angels, she’s best known for being an OG YouTuber and pioneer in the cannabis content creation space. Tan began creating videos for YouTube during the height of MySpace, sharing makeup and hair tutorials with her fans. However, over the years Tan’s channel developed a new focus and she became known, not for her colorful locks, but for her cannabis-related content. Despite working on one of the most conservative platforms within today’s social media landscape, Tan creates content that not only shows the fun of cannabis but highlights the medical benefits of the plant.

600,000+ Subscribers and climbing

Youtube Creator

Since the inception of Kimmy Tan’s YouTube channel, Kimmy has amassed a total of over 31 Million views worldwide, with over 1.5 Million impressions daily. With over a million collective followers, Kimmy Tan uses YouTube as a platform to promote self-love, a lighthearted free spirit and the ability to do whatever it is that you put your mind to. Since inception, Kimmy’s following have named themselves the #KimmyTanDragonClan. Kimmy got her start on Instagram in 2014 when she decided to start a new journey of rolling the most creative joints you could think of. From a peace sign joint, to a cross joint, to a smokeable mustache joint, the one that took the cake was a joint within a joint - or a “joint-ception” - that got the attention of rapper Snoop Dogg who adored her creations so much, he started reposting her posts; and the rest was history.

Voted Top 10 Portrait Artist

Elite Tattoo Artist

Kimmy Tan started tattooing at the age of 19 in New York City, the tattoo capital of the world. Since then, Kimmy has been voted Top 10 Portrait Artists In The World in 2022 and Top 7 Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles in 2017. While proficient in every style, Kimmy specializes in black and grey illustrative portraiture. She has tattooed all over the world from Beijing to New York, and now works at a by-appointment-only in Los Angeles.

Creative Genius

Kimmy Tan labels herself as an artist in every sense of the word. Not only does Kimmy’s talents include tattooing and drawing, but she’s also a singer songwriter who graduated from Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA.

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