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Kimmy Tan is One of the Top Tattoo Artist in the World

Kimmy’s passion for tattooing was first on display, in some of her early youtube videos. At 15 she wasn’t yet a master of the tattoo machine, but some of her most popular youtube videos featured her drawing art on her body.

From a young age Kimmy has always shown creativity in multiple disciplines excelling in not only art but also music. After attending the top music college, Berklee College of Music, Kimmy moved back to Beijing looking to find the other half of herself she felt missing in music school. Eventually she stumbled into a tattoo shop and begged for a chance to learn the art of tattooing. After a week of begging, she was given the opportunity to be a tattoo apprentice. Her mentor warned her of the tough road ahead and that the apprenticeship would only be complete when he approved. Meaning it could possibly be years before she could actually work as an artist. She then worked 72 hrs a week for over 6 months without any pay to follow her dreams.

After receiving her mentor's approval Kimmy chose to improve her tattoo skills even more, by moving to San Francisco to enroll in art school. After art school she moved to the birthplace of modern tattoos, New York City. There she began working at a Queens tattoo shop where she developed her craft and quickly became one of the best artists in the shop. In 2017 after Kimmy had recently moved to Los Angeles, she was named one of the top 15 artists in LA. Since then Kimmy has continued to build her resume by being featured in Ink Magazine and working with numerous artists, influencers and celebrity clientele.

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