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After building her cannabis empire from scratch, Kimmy Tan has started Dragon Network as a means to help smaller creators get a head start in the cannabis industry. Once approved, creators will receive brand deals immediately and expeditiously grow their social presence through Kimmy’s connections; only exclusive to those in Dragon Network.

At Dragon Network, we’re looking for passionate creators with a strong personal brand, regardless of follower count. We have a minimum requirement of 3000 followers, however we will make rare exceptions if you stand out to us upon review.

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Kimmy Tan and Dragon Network have worked with some of the top brands in cannabis. For every influencer sponsors can be a great opportunity to grow their following and provide legitimacy in the industry. Dragon Networks works to give creators the best tools to navigate the cannabis industry and grow as an entrepreneur.

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How it works?

1. Fill Out the Dragon Network Application

Complete the Dragon Network Application to be considered for Dragon Network. All Applicants must be above 21 years of age and have at least 3000 Instagram Followers to be considered.

2. Join Dragon Network

Once you’ve joined the Dragon Network Team, you’ll receive a welcome email with next steps on how to get started.

3. Post your first sponsored ad

Once you’re fully onboarded to Dragon Network, you’ll start getting information on sponsored post and more.

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